Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life of Paul Bible Study

We started this year's Bible Study on Monday night by taking a look at Saul/Paul and how he would have grown up. If you're interested in joining, you're welcome to at any time. At this point, we won't be using an official Bible study book, but we do have a list of questions that we are applying to each portion of Scripture as we read. These "Squeeze Your Own Juice" questions are designed to help you get more out of what you're reading and come ready to hear what other ladies found from their studies. We have two weeks between most studies, so hopefully that will allow more time for Scripture study for those who are pressed for time. For the next study on October 27th, we are looking at Acts 9:1-31 and Acts 13. Use the following questions to guide your study:

1) Find all the promises (both overt and implied).

2) How many times is God mentioned, and in what context?

3) Warnings (what to avoid - - sins)

4) Exhortations (what to apply to your life)

5) Problems, questions that I found in this passage

6) What do I learn about the author?

Next up on the Women's Ministries calendar... Book Review Night! Sarah Swan will be sharing with us about a book she read recently about Brother Yun. Also, ff you're interested, bring books to lend to other readers. Spread the love of uplifting reading among our ladies! We hope to see you there!

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